Swiss Global Impex, LLC (SGI) specializes in trading exquisite goods sourced from all over the world. SGI’s main focus is on products that are already well-established and very popular at the local or national level but have not yet made the leap into another continent. These goods are neither mass-produced nor made for global consumption. Rather, they are special products manufactured with love and typically still sold by the manufacturers themselves. SGI seeks out such special products and adapts them where necessary before launching them in the relevant specialty markets of other countries. For this purpose, SGI forms long-term partnerships with quality-conscious supermarket chains all over the world and especially in Europe. Before the new products are launched in the profitable EU markets, SGI uses Switzerland as its test market. We closely work with country-specific local professionals as well as marketing and transport companies and specialty suppliers. Our partner companies include both representatives of market giants and independent brokers. Our strong networks in the destination countries enable us to identify market trends and to gather real consumer feedback. This ensures that our product launches are based on an intimate knowledge of the local market and that they target the right audiences.

SGI was founded by Georg K. Fehling. He holds dual Swiss and German citizenship and is a permanent resident of the USA. Having been in the food industry for many years, he is very well connected with the relevant local specialists. For this reason, he is highly aware of consumer needs, habits and cultural expectations, especially in the Swiss, German and US markets. Georg K. Fehling has a strong passion for finding and promoting special niche products that are made with love using sustainable methods.