SGI’s activities can be summarized as follows:


  • Establishing a network of distributors / importers overseas
  • Optimizing transport, loading and packaging in order to create cost-efficient freight processes
  • Personal meetings with future partners overseas, either with us or our own country-specific representatives
  • Continual evaluation of the market situation to assist long-term sales centers and optimize product sales


  • Certification of new products abroad
  • Use of local and national media overseas
  • Redesign / adaptation of the packaging to ensure maximum appeal in new cultural areas
  • Conception and execution by overseas marketing / design professionals 
  • Optimization of the overall marketing plan by integrating into the existing marketing strategy insights gained overseas  
  • Adaptation / redesign of the company website for maximum impact in different cultural contexts 

Trade shows / international trade fairs:

  • Finding products and having them endorsed at suitable trade fairs overseas
  • Coordination of shipments (samples) at trade fairs
  • Organization and coordination of measures to attract as much attention as possible at overseas trade fairs

Consulting / guidance:

  • Personal and specific advice on any aspect of the import / export business

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